A Hot Cup Of New Year, New You

What if i tore a wonder page reviewing ones thoughts, words, & works of past times to a whole new level & never mention it for 365 days. Maybe i could dust it off, but what become of the endless worn out moments in the next fifty-two weeks to come. And for the very first time ever we had twelve hours of immense winter style decorating ones instincts with top joyful memories that rejuvenates all mind elements to relate vividly with this day & all other days (stories of ones world). Moreso, having four thousand & one expectations closer to yourself with a single step by step recognition powered with daily feelings, words, and actions, leaves much to be desired.

After seemingly weeks of welcoming everyone like my family, the thirty-third week got me primed up for the main culture of taking everything above ones immaginations and like a true distraction would naturally leave everyone speechless on what to expect in the very next minute, one most important moments for the year appears to be jokes, lies, games, and making new friends.

Judgement is amazing but taking twenty-nine moments of breaking every misguided rules that leads to no where has not helped to pass the boredom that lasted nearly ninety-one days. Even if it isn’t always the case, but helping everyone up to every little tasks coming each ones way makes it hard not to get excited everytime.

The last ninety days before the 365th day of every year means everyone truly cares, gazing with rapture at each other but in all of these, one will quickly ask what has kept the 275 days in absolute silence? For some, it holds lots of laughter for them. For others, it holds an indecisive moments for them judging from their past experience. Whichever one it may be for You/Me, just letting you know that these new moments won’t last beyond 366 days before we say again “Happy New Year!!!!!!”


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