The Odds Of Bad Outcome

Defying the warnings, especially being left out of the mainstream conversations to score big in your new targets, reveals that the battle to regain prominence is far from over and as a result let’s consider Rowling’s first fundamental rules that says:- ” we shouldn’t give rooms for conditions to interfer with that daily routine which is important at getting close to ones target, that is, regular time on your business, early to bed, and a whole restful sleep”. Account for the three but one time Rowling’s business model. However, it is one measure that should provoke deeper examination about how business owners allow their workers to get weakened & angry due to bouts of profit loss that may have lasted for two to four months. And now for a quick check on Rowling’s soft spot business model suggest that business owners that are aware of the measures necessary to combat the damage to business, would not have themselves surrounded by people whose marketing sense was nil.

Haven carefully studied the manner of problems which may have confronted business owners, it is only crucial that the up and coming business owners consider Rowling’s first ever fundamental rules which on quote states that “all business owners must display high level foresights in all their dealings with their clients, and should at all time set in motion certain plans that were to prove decisive at the choice they make”.

Photos by Mathew Henry

Excerpt from Rowling’s first fundamental rules


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