You/Me must remember this 30 Confessions

“I was happy for you.”

“I can’t stop playing with you.”

“True love is hard to find.”

“Being ignored is worse than being hated.”

“True friends don’t stay apart eventhough they don’t talk to each other.”

“What doesn’t kill you leaves you broken hearted, wishing it had.”

“We don’t like being forgotten.”

“We love most things that are irreplaceable.”

“We give flowers to who we like.”

“I’m truly grateful for all you have done.”

“I woke up, I am healthy, I am alive, thank you, dear God.”

“I will always have a thing for you.”

“I can sing to you, dance for you, scream at you, because I’m excited for something.”

“Win as me, Please.”

“I feel like I’m part of the team, Thank You.”

“It’s actually nice to be alone sometimes.”

“Looking forward to working with you.”

“It’s great to be a warm friend.”

“I have some secret things to hand off to you.”

“Dancing with the stars, more times than I can count.”

“I got nothing but smiles for you.”

“Oh! Wow! Congrat! we made it.”

“Pleasure, Pleasure meeting you.”

“More often than not, we don’t give up on something we really want.”

“It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.”

“I said no, due to fading light, I’m so happy after all.”

“These are the most important, Eat, Sleep, Dream, & do it all over again.”

“One of the biggest surprise of each day is to have a second chance to say you are sorry.”

“Having plenty of hilarious moment to talk about, should be a way to get at least some hugs.”

“Life could be an endless ending for Me/Us.”


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