Young Leaders Are Further Away Than Ever

One afternoon, sometime previously, I had asked myself if I would like to be a leader now. Some say this was a thought reserved for special age-grade. Ordinarily, it meant a look at what I am before I even dare to dream big, so I brace up with expectations.

The desire of every young vibrant mind is to have the opportunity to make other’s life better and be fully ready to take up such huge responsibility in their firmest grip. And if they would like to become a leader someday, they must be prepared to walked right up to their dream and ensure they get the final touch of every idea & plans correctly haven made up their mind from the very beginning.

In order to complete this journey, every aspect of our society & it’s needs must be well mastered and taken and a small excuse where necessary will not be so welcome unlike what it is today where much is promised but very little is achieved in the end.

There was always a nice time about the society, if the people knew they should never agree on anything without first going through the links, to have clearer understanding of who they are about to make their leader and by so doing, standards would be set to make gains in the future.

So when this day I asked myself if I would like to become a leader? it was like saying: ‘would you like to be the one to take all the blames or try to decide the fate of millions of people counting on you?’ Would I? I certainly would!.


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