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It’s In Her Hands


It was reported that Meghan Markle’s half brother invited her to his wedding and thinks she might come. Following the romantic journey of Thomas Markle jr, Meghan Markle’s half brother is getting ready for a wedding of his very own, and have decide to invite the Duchess in what he thinks his wedding will bring the family closer together as he is hopeful that if Meghan & Harry could attend, his father, Meghan & Harry could spend some time together and that would be good.

Thomas jr and his girlfriend Darlene Blount have been together for two years, and plan to wed in either Reno ( a place believed by many, to be the Windsor Castle of America ) or Las Vegas this march. In public eye, Thomas jr can only be hopeful because he had in some few months ago wrote a public letter slamming Meghan (which include the line “As more time passes to your Royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in Royal wedding history”) everyone thinks this could be a no – show for Meghan.

If you happens to be a fan of the royal wedding, What would you think should happen? Is it a YES for Harry & Meghan show up to a wedding in Reno, 2019 or a NO for you? You are free to share your thoughts on these.


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