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The Hardest Part Of The Human Body


Teeth & Bones are both hard. From the way they look to how they heel, are quite different. They are both white and heavy with Calcium, but that doesn’t make them one & the same. Studies have shown that Bones are still not strong as the Teeth which composed of Calcium, Phosphorus, And Other Minerals. Whereas the Bones contain Phosphorus, Sodium, Calcium And Other Minerals.

Studies also shows that Bones can withstand pressure due to it’s flexible Framework (surrounded by Calcium which by extension makes the Bone strong enough to support the body’s weight) that was made possible by the presence of A living, growing Tissue that is known as “Protein Collagen”. The outer surface of most Bones has A smooth, slippery but densed membrane called “Periosteum where new Bones can be manufactured, grown, and repaired due to presence of cells called Osteoblasts.” Periosteum membrane is only associated with all Bones except at the joint which houses the Cartilage.

As for the Teeth, it has A calcified Tissue named “Dentine” as such the Tooth’s Dentine Tissue is covered in a hard shiny layer that we brush and it is popularly known as “Enamel”. The Tooth’s Enamel does not have the regenerative power, growth, or ability to heel itself like the Bones when broken. As earlier mentioned, the Osteoblasts rushed in to fill the gap created when A Bone is fractured and repaired the Break, but A cracked or A broken Tooth will only require A root Canal intro or even total extraction.

One particular difference between Teeth and Bones is that Red and White blood cells can be produce solely in the Bone marrow while the Teeth do not. This is because Bones are capable of receiving Blood supply from A number of Arteries that pass through the Bones Periosteum to the inner Bone marrow. Although the Bloody portion of A Tooth when broken is actually refered to as the Dental Pulp, this is the living portion of each Tooth that contains nerves(which allow us to feel Tooth aches caused by pain when eating something Cold or Hot), Arteries, and veins and runs through the Jaw- Bone.

It is obvious, our Teeth are visible & reachable on display which is why we care too much about cleaning the whitening strips to keep it from turning yellow, but the same cannot be said of the Bones as it is safely positioned under our Skin and cannot be reached so we don’t have to worry about it’s condition cos it’s well protected by our skin.

Photos by: Nicole De Khors…


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