21 Most Famous Utterances That Makes Our First Job Harder Than We Think

Here are some of the famous responses that has made our first Job harder to settle on as prospective Job seekers::

1* “This schedule doesn’t really work for me, can it be changed?”

2* “I don’t have all the experience you need, but I am A quick learner.”

3* “How much does this Job pay?”

4* “I don’t have A car yet, but I will soon.”

5* “What is included in the benefits package?”

6* “It is on my Résumé.”

7* “I have an appointment, is this going to be over soon?”

8* “Sorry, I’m late.”

9* “What’s the policy on dating co-worker?”

10 “Do you have Friday happy hours, or is there an open bar at – holiday parties?”

11 “I don’t have child care line up, but I’m working on it.”

12 “Can I work from home?”

13 “I really need this Job.”

14 “When do I get A vacation?”

15 “Do you mind if I take this call?”

16 “I have A vacation planned in A few weeks.”

17 “I really hate my Job.”

18 “My current company is awful.”

19 “Interviews makes me really nervous.”

20 “My boss is the worst boss ever.”

21 “Can you give me taxi fare to get home?”

Source:::::::: Balance/Rosette Collection

Photo by::::: Sarah Pflug


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