Top Twenty Paid Job In USA & UK, 2019

It is particularly important for Job seekers to know about some better Jobs out there that attracts more pay than the other.

Notably, there are twenty list of top paid Jobs in the USA & UK listed below:

1• Physicians

with US salary of ——– $195,842

And UK salary of ——- £50,845

2• Pharmacy Managers

with US salary of ——– $146,412

And UK salary of ——– £41,418

3• Pharmacists

with US salary of——- $127,120

And UK salary of ——- £34,840

4• Enterprise Architects

with US salary of——- $115,944

And UK salary of——- £74,394

5• Corporate Counsels

with US salary of——- $115,580

And UK salary of —— £70,986

6• Software Development Managers

with US salary of——- $108,879

And UK salary of——–£54,625

7• Physician Assistants

with US salary of——– $108,761

And UK salary of———£35,000

8• Software Engineering Manager

with US salary of——–$107,479

And UK salary of——–£61,460

9• Nurse Practitioners

with US salary of——-$106,962

And UK salary of——-£36,282

10 Software Architects

with US salary of——$105,329

And UK salary of——-£56,683

11 Engineering Managers

with US salary of——-$105,260

And UK salary of——–£46,469

12 Application Development Managers

with US salary of——-$104,048

And UK salary of——–£54,854

13 Plant Managers

with US salary of——–$103,892

And UK salary of——-£57,753

14 Information Technology (IT) Program Managers

with US salary of——-$102,969

And UK salary of——-£64,849

15 Solutions Architects

with US salary of——–$102,160

And UK salary of——–£57,031

16 Financial Planning & Analysis Managers

with US salary of——–$102,155

And UK salary of———£60,993

17 Data Architects

with US salary of——–$101,900

And UK salary of———£57,317

18 Strategy Manager

with US salary of———-$101,754

And UK salary of———£50,891

19 Systems Architects

with US Salary of——–$100,984

And UK salary of——–£50,562

20 Scrum Masters

with US salary of——–$98,239

And UK salary of———£42,907

Source::::::::::::::: Standard Chartered/ Rosette Collection


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