Five Known Plants To Keep At Home

If you have in the past tried to keep certain plants in your house and every time you try, somewhere around the middle it just refuses to grow, even the one chance you got ended up destroyed after A long neglect.

What you probably may have been missing is that one plant that can withstand a very harsh conditions & I guarantee after I showed them to you, you will be jumping out of your skin with excitement for how you can start right away.

So, to find out these Five plants & fire back at those failed attempt, check out the following List:-


Photo by: Alice Gao

JADE plants don’t need to be watered regularly, all you got to do is check on the soil every week or two to see if it’s dry and then give it a little rinse. This plant will make your home, your daily life much easier. ( they can be found in South Africa & Mozambique )


Photo by: The Sill

ALOE plants, when grown will leave your mouth wide open as regard the immense benefits derived from this plant aside keeping the house fresh, it equally does wonders to your skin & hair in many ways possible. Studies have shown that Aloe plant is rich in Vitamin A, C, & E as well as B-12 folate. It also comprises of minerals like:- Calcium, Magnesium, & Zinc. ( it grows widely across Africa & India )


Photo by: Black Bird

RUBBER plants requires that you have plenty of space around it because it can grow up to 50 feet tall, except you want A start up with A young plant, giving it time to mature since it can live for many years. ( Originally from South East Asia )


Photo by: @thedesignchaser

CAST IRON PLANT can strive even in extremely difficult conditions as it can bounce back to Life even after several weeks of neglect. You can sit out of that room for as long as you like including shutting down the light & you will still come back to meet it the very way you left it. It is that tough. ( It majorly grows in China )


Photo by: Haley Weidenbaun

SNAKE PLANT is highly magical as it stays the same even after you have gone on vacation for three weeks. It doubles as an air purifier as it does contribute to letting you breathe easier in your Homes. It takes A little of your water & watch how quickly the plant find it’s bearing with very little or no support from you. This account for why it is also known as The Ultimate Lone Wolf” ( grows more in West Africa )

Source::::::::::::: Science/ Rosette Collection


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