Top Twenty Ways To Save Cash On Exactly How You Handle Your Finances

1• Be sure to pay bills on time. Do not pay any late fees on your account, as such set up A reminder in your calendar to make sure you pay on time.

2• Have A well balance check book so as to prevent you from overdrawing your account as this will save you some cash on overdraft charges & returned check fees.

3• You must settle on A budgeting system that works well for you. This may be an App you can update on-the-go or using cash for some categories. It may take some research, but this will make saving cash easier because you are bound to know when to stop spending.

4• Take advantage of your employer’s match for your retirement savings – this essentially free up cash you can put towards retirement.

5• Fix your credit score by getting current on your payments & clearing off your debts. This can save you more cash by lowering your interest rate on major loans, like your mortgage.

6• Save up A down payment, so you do not need to pay for PMI on your mortgage.

7• It’s profiting for you to always set up A budget.

8• Transfer your balances to zero – interest credit cards while you work on getting out of debts.

9• Stop paying interest on your credit cards. Work on getting out of debts the right way.

10 Set up an automatic payment or transfer to get discount on your interest rates for your car loan or mortgage, even if you are switching Banks.

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11 Avoid A credit card that has A fee. Cancel old credit cards that are paid off that charges A fee & only open new accounts if you are not charged A late fee.

12 Find A free checking account that does not charge for transfers, ATM use, or debit charges.

13 Use cash only as this will help you stick to your budgets because you will know when to stop spending, when you run out of cash. Because people tend to pay more attention to prices when carrying cash.

14 Shop for your car loan through your local credit Bank to see if you can save on the interest for your car loan.

15 Adjust your withholdings, so that you can have A correct amount withheld & an extra cash available to you throughout the year.

16 Use an online saving account to qualify for higher interest rates.

17 Set up an emergency funds, so you do not need to use your credit cards when unexpected expenses pop up.

18 If you pay your balance each month, earning cashback can be worth it.

19 Stop using your credit cards completely especially if you do not pay them off completely each month.

20 Protect your savings so that it can continue to grow instead of spending it every month.

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