Top Twenty Ways To Save On Entertainment Costs

1• Work part-time at your local stadium to get discounts on Sporting Events

2• Plan staycation where you enjoyed the local area

3• Visit free museum in your area or when you travel

4• Take advantage of free drinks night at your favourite clubs

5• Take A community class to learn A skill that can help you save cash. This may include cooking classes, basic sewing, or basic auto repair classes

6• Volunteer at any local community center, to build homes or act as A Big Brother or Big Sister and learn something new by meeting people

7• Go window-shopping & look at different items & do not give into the temptation to buy something

8• Sit outside on your back porch & meditate to enjoy the world around you, you may visit A park or nature preserved areas

9• Find ways to monetize the things you love to do, this way you can make money off your hobbies. You may create A Vlog about your favourite crafts or video games or sell the crafts that you do

10 Play A board game

11 Plan A night-in with friends instead of going out

12 Plan A camping vacation instead of A resort vacation because camping trip cost much less than having A resort vacation

13 Take advantage of the local green ways and nearby Hiking trails to stay active or find something fun to do

14 Attend free local concerts

15 Visit local festivals organised by your city or nearby cities

16 Go to the free movies on the lawn offered in your city park because it is usually cheaper than going to A Theatre

17 Consider renting games that you will only play once instead of buying them

18 Take advantage of the second run Theatres to save money on movie tickets

19 Go to the library to find books or movies instead of buying them

20 Wait & watch A movie at home to save money

Photo by: Uwe Umstaetter/Cultura/Getty Images

Source::::::::::::::::::::: Money/Rosette Collection


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