Seventeen Ways To Save On Your Monthly Bills

1• Cancel your landline if you still have one.

2• Sign up for automatic payments to avoid monthly late fees.

3• Shop on new Insurance every few years because Insurance companies will offer rates to new subscribers.

4• Use the in-network providers on your health Insurance.

5• Get written approval before you have significant health procedures completed.

6• Buy your home when you are ready to help you save on taxes & build equity.

7• Watch your weight & exercise regularly to help you save on medical costs now & in the future.

8• Consider getting a roommate to save money on rent.

9• Increase your deductible and set aside money to cover it when you do.

10 Consider installing Solar panels & look for discounts to help you pay for it.

11 If you are buying new appliances, pay attention to energy costs & usage.

12 Consider cutting cables & looking for cheap or free alternative to help you save on how much you pay for cable.

13 Install a programmable thermostat to save money on heating & cooling when you are not home.

14 Winterize your home by sealing off drafts & applying plastics to your windows.

15 Look for a cheaper Cellphone plan. Consider moving to a month to-month plan especially if you are single.

16 Install a low flow showerhead & toilets to save on water costs.

17 Wrap your water heater in a water heater blanket.

Source::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Money/Rosette Collection


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