Top Four Places Where Tigers Are Easily Found In The World, 2019

Within the last century three out of nine Tiger subspecies became extinct living just six that are now very much endangered. As a result, there are as few as 3,890 Tigers left and a chance of you finding one remains very slim.

So as things stand, we can still be hopeful for some of the greatest parks on earth that have in recent years allows visitors the privilege of spotting one.

Therefore, here are the top four places in the world where Tigers can easily be spotted:


Photo by: James Harwick/Getty Images

The Madhya Pradesh park in India is tipped to have the 70% of the world’s wild Tigers ( with it’s population of Bengal Tigers numbering 2,226 ). The Madhya Pradesh park, aside being a good tracking spot for Tigers, it equally harbours animals like:



“Owls & Eagles”

“Langurs & Gaur”



“Jungle Cats”

The park is open all year round, a few Tigers can be seen around July-September & the best time to have the best view of Tigers is between the month of April & May.


Photo by: Utopia_88/Getty Images

The Bardia National Park remains the best few spots in Nepal to find the Bengal Tigers as well as other wild life animals like:

“The Rhinos”



“Wild Elephants”

“Deer” e.t.c

Bardia national park is open all year round & making visits to this park in the hot season, guarantees an 80% chance of one spotting the Nepal Bengal Tigers probably cooling off in the Girwa river.


Photo by: Muhammad mostafigur Rahman/Alamy

The Sundarbans park which doubles as the world’s largest Mangroves forest is home to more than 100 Bengal Tigers. The Bengal Tigers can be tracked at the sundarbans park especially during October-March or around April-May.

The Sundarban parks equally harbours:

“The Crocodiles (salt water crocodiles )”

“Wild Beer”


And many of the regions over 260 birds species.


Photo by: Kathleen Reeder/Wildlife photography/Getty Images

The Durminskoye reserve is home to the Siberian or Amur Tigers subspecies and can be found more in Eastern Russia & northern China. It’s among the highly endangered species of Tigers and the reason they can still be found was due to the 1965th decree on full protection of Tigers granted by the then Russia government in the year 1965. And by this move, enabled the estimated population of Siberian Tigers to hit around 540 in numbers.

Durminskoye reserve in Russia is one great place for tracking Siberian or Amur Tigers especially during the winter ( primarily between November & February ) months. The reserve equally provide best conditions for other animals like:






“Asian black Beers”

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