Six Simple Steps To Take In Washing Your Hands Properly

Globally, the most generally accepted process that yields great health benefits is in washing your hands properly to remove dirts, bacteria, & other germs.

Here are the simple steps to take in washing your hands properly:

1• Use warm running water to wet your hands while rubbing them with soap.

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2• Rub your hands together, make sure to lather the back of the hands & under your nails.

3• Scrub your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

4• Rinse your hands under running water to remove the soap, dirts, & germs.

5• Dry your hands with a paper towel or using a hand dryer without rubbing your hands together.

6• Use hand sanitizers instead where soap & water are not available. And rub the sanitizer all over your hands & between your fingers until your hands are dry.

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