31 Easy Spot That Deserve To Be Kept Sparkling Clean In Your Home

If you’ve got a spare moment, especially on weekends, these corners of your home deserved to be kept Sparkling clean at all times:

1• Your windows

Photo by: Jacob Snavely

2• Your microwave

Photo by: Milea/Getty Images

3• Your countertops

Photo by: Justin Coit

4• Your house doors mats

Photo by: Mike Garten

5• Your Fridge

Photo by: Danielle Occhiogrosso

6• Your Oven

Photo by: Lew Robertson/Getty Images

7• Your kitchen cabinets

Photo by: Mike Garten

8• Your stainless steel

Photo by: Getty Images

9• Your furniture

Photo by: Anton Maltsev/Getty Images

10 Your Curtains

Photo by: Tim Young

11 Your ceilings

Photo by: LLL0228/Getty Images

12 Your bedding

Photo by: Lisa Romerein

13 Your closet

Photo by: Khongkitwiriyachan

14 Your washing machine

Photo by: Space crafting photography

15 Your Dryer

Photo by: Danielle Occhiogrosso

16 Your phone

Photo by: Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

17 Your kitchen sink

Photo by: Mike Garten

18 Your grocery bag

Photo by: Peopleimages/Getty Images

19 Your cutting boards

Photo by: Getty Images

20 Your pots & pans

Photo by: Art Streiber

21 Your junk drawer

Photo by: Aliso Gootee

22 Your shower curtain

Photo by: Alec Hemer

23 Your makeups

Photo by: Mike Garten

24 Your shower drain

Photo by: Getty Images

25 Your makeup brushes

Photo by: Kitzcorner/Getty Images

26 Your bookshelves

Photo by: Lisa Romerein

27 Your grout

Photo by: Rogers Davies

28 Your kids toys

Photo by: Pepifoto/Getty Images

29 Your mattress

Photo by: Penkanya/Getty Images

30 Your Purse

Photo by: Beo88/Getty Images

31 Your vacuum

Source::::::::::::::::::::: Architecture/Rosette Collection


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