What Is Worse Than What We Know About Eating Sodium Everyday

According to Nutritionist, eating too much Sodium increase our risk for chronic disease across the board.

Sodium is the number one dietary risk linked to death. Especially, as 70% of the Sodium we eat is from processed, packaged foods & prepared dishes.

Too much over consumed Salt is not the same as too much Sodium, as table salt is only a chemical compound made up of two minerals i.e Sodium & Chloride and taste salty whereas Sodium doesn’t necessarily taste salty, but can negatively affect your Health when you consume too much Sodium foods in many processed food such as Bread, Crackers, or Cereals.

Studies have shown that Sodium raises your Blood pressure & run the greater risk of inviting to your life the “silent killer” sometimes called ( high blood pressure ). Silent killer because it often presents with no obvious symptoms and a major risk factor for Heart disease whereas the reverse is the case for table Salt & this account for why experts have advised everyone to make Healthier food choices as much as possible.

Foods To Avoid That Have A Lot Of Sodium

1• Processed & Cured meats

2• Pizza & Sandwiches

3• Soup, stock, & broth

4• Tacos & Burritos

5• Bread, Crackers, baked foods, & Cereals

6• Sauce, Toppings, & Condiments

Experts says; we need about 500mg or 1/4 teaspoon of Sodium per/day for our Bodies to function well as Sodium normally draws water into your Blood to help balance fluid levels & acidity in the company of another electrolyte named “Potassium”.

Normally, Salt & Sodium initially perform similar roles when introduced to the Body but by extension Sodium has a far more greater danger than Salt. For instance, a Body exposed to too much Salt retains more fluid for the Body & by so doing constrict the Blood vessels to look like a Balloon that’s ready to burst which can be contained, but more Sodium in the same manner in the Body would instantly result into a high blood pressure which can do serious damage to your Kidneys, Heart. & Circulatory system.

You can eat foods high in Potassium, Magnesium, & Calcium if you want to curtail the risk of experiencing High blood pressure & Heart disease. Food that are not heavily processed like Leafy greens, Potatoes, Beans, Squash, & Salmon can keep you Healthy for as long as you want.

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