20 Ways To Save On Shopping

1• Go shopping at yard sales.

2• Barter for Goods & services that you may need to save money.

3• Make sure that you need the Item before you purchase it.

4• When you need to buy Items like furniture or appliances, it makes more sense to buy quality rather than the cheapest.

5• Sign up for subscription that ship Items you need each month to your home rather than going to stores at all time.

6• Stick to plan that let you come in under budget on your weekly shopping trip.

7• Plan for your big purchases and set aside money until you can pay for it in cash.

8• Don’t shop when you are upset or stressed.

9• Subscribes to deal sites that will always notify you of great deals on things that you need.

10 Save money by paying for everything you buy in cash instead of using credit card that attracts interest each month.

11 Consider shopping at consignment shops & thrift stores to save money.

12 Use EBay or Craigslists to find discounts on Items.

13 Consider doing a spending fast every few month so that you can put the money into a savings account at your bank.

14 Know the sales cycle, so you know the Best time to purchase every Item.

15 Wait 24 hours on any purchase over $100.

16 Shop with cash only to help you prevent over spending.

17 Shop the clearance racks whenever you are shopping on clothes.

18 Save money & earn points on additional purchases by using customer loyalty card.

19 Purchase things that are on sales.

20 Take an advantage of any employee discounts available.

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