13 Known Infections Caused By Tick Bites

Most times tick bites can be very devastating and information appears same across board as regard the extent of harm to human body.

In these world, tick bites have become a major sources of concern to many but according to experts, more new revelations have emerged on tick bite over the last few years and in any case, below are some of the list of common infections caused by tick:

•1. Anaplasmosis

•2. Babesiosis

•3. Borrellia infections

•4. Colorado Tick Fever

•5. Ehrlichiosis

•6. Heartland Virus

•7. Lyme Disease ( can trigger cardiac or heart attack )

•8. Powassan Disease

•9. Rickettsiosis

10. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

11. Southern Tick- Associated rash illness

12. Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever

13. Tularaemia

Source)))))))))) Science/Rosette Collection


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