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Three Tortured Logic Of Alcohol On Human Body


•1 Alcohol Can Turn To be Your Worse Nightmare When Mixed With Bleach

It is never a good idea to mix Alcohol and Bleach, as this could result into a Chloroform, i.e ( A powerful sedative injurious to your body ). Bleach is highly reactive and form dangerous compounds when mix with any chemicals. Even the ordinary household Bleach contains Sodium Hypochloride, which when mixed with Alcohol reacts with Ethanol or Isopropyl in it to produce Chloroform ( CHCL3 ), Hydrochloric Acid ( HCL ), and other compounds such as Chloroacetone or Dichloroacetone, and the moment this products comes in contact with the Body, causes severe damage to the nervous system, Eyes, Lungs, Skin, Liver, Kidney, and other Organs. In worst cases it may even cause Cancer.

Chloroform is a potent anesthetic that can knock you out, so it is also the cause of “Sudden Sniffer’s Death”, it causes a fatal cardiac arrhythmia some people experience upon exposure. Chloroform can be absorbed into the Body through the Skin and through Inhalation and Ingestion. So it is better for people to seek medical attention immediately upon exposure.

•2 Alcohol Triggers Burns On A Cut Or Wounds

Alcohol like Ethanol or Isopropyl create a sensational burn on a cut or wounds, when applied, simply because the same special cells called “VR1” nerve receptors in your skin that send neuro-chemical signals to your brain when exposed to heat from boiling water or a flame does the exact same thing when Alcohol base disinfectant applied unto an open cut or wounds, but in this case, the Alcohol lowers the temperature threshold required to send this signals.

•3 Alcohol Makes Us Pee

Ethanol or grain Alcohol is basically a Diuretic in the words, as it increases urine production. It works by suppressing Anti-Diuretic hormones ( ADH ), as such the Kidneys return less urine to the blood and allow more to exit as urine. Alcohol equally stimulates the Bladder, so you may feel the urge to urinate sooner than you ordinarily would. Because every shot of Alcohol increases urine production by 120millilitres, as against the normal 60-80millilitres of urine required per hour.





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