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Top 30 Domestic Skills EveryOne Is Expected To Have Before 2020


In years to come,

everybody will know much about the skills we all have that get things done easily without having to pay to learn them and here are some of such domestic skills that shows we can all be equal and the same by 2020:

•1 remove ticks
•2 change a diaper
•3 drive in snow
•4 remove bloodstains from fabric
•5 fell a tree
•6 ride a bike
•7 conquer an off-road obstacles
•8 use a drill driver
•9 use a hand plane
•10 use a sledgehammers
•11 put out a fire
•12 fold the flag
•13 JumpStart a car
•14 unclog a toilet
•15 prune bushes and small trees
•16 perform the Heimlich
•17 reverse hypothermia
•18 fix a toilets tank flapper
•19 shovel the right way
•20 change a car tire
•21 handle seizures
•22 treat burns
•23 survive frostbite
•24 treat a snakebite
•25 use a sewing machine
•26 fix a clogged sink
•27 change a single-poleswich
•28 replace a broken window pane
•29 tie a neckties
•30 grow food






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